Warranty &
After-Sales Service

An EMERA timepiece is a technical masterpiece and requires special attention. For this reason, we provide professional maintenance so that you can enjoy it throughout your life.

EMERA is a mechanism of infinite refinement that requires the know-how of one of our certified experts. The cost will depend on the kind of intervention to assure its proper function and longevity. Do not hesitate to contact us – together we will outline an optimal service plan for your timepiece.

Each EMERA watch is assembled by hand. It represents the ultimate achievement in craftsmanship and know-how in the exclusive world of fine watchmaking.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best in innovation, technology and service, to match the experience with your exacting standards every time.

An XXL guarantee for your timepieces

Concerned about the proper functioning of the watches leaving our workshops? We are pleased to offer an extensive maintenance service. Our watches are technical jewels that require specific attention. Like an ultra-sophisticated fighter plane, services must be performed regularly to ensure the proper functioning of your super mechanics.

Confident in the level of excellence of our watchmaking products, each EMERA watch is covered by a 10-year warranty. We offer you two (2) free maintenance services within the guarantee period. From this exclusive, unequaled offer we deliver ever more satisfaction with your timepiece.


Upon purchase our timepieces are delivered with a warranty card that confirms the origin of our products.

Moreover, you must never worry over any detail as we take care of the essentials. You will receive a reminder from our after-sales service department for the periodic maintenance of your watch.