«Live Like A Rockstar» is our slogan.

EMERA is part of a living heritage, with centuries-old roots, extraordinary mastery, and the desire to set new standards. We are committed to respecting the quality and know-how that is the essence of a luxury watch, to reinterpret its codes. These words resonate in every corner of our timepieces.

Artists, sportsmen, and visionary entrepreneurs are the key figures who create the future. We wish to participate in building this future. This is why our customers, these major players, trust us to offer them exceptional watches that meet their unique requirements.

the dna of our watches
An unparalleled universe


Our collection presents a range of products that will grow over time, with many projects already underway. Collaborations will emerge within our universe of tomorrow – we wish to imagine it, together with you.

A new story is on the way. We continue a line of watchmakers, freed from the codes that define their legacies. We wish to free ourselves more everyday so that freedom dominates our watchmaking. Creativity is the core of our business, pushed to its limits.


Our products beat to the sound of a mechanical heart, conceived and designed exclusively for our timepieces. Here again, aesthetics are of crucial importance, nothing is left to chance. The design includes the choice of innovative, ultra-resistant and state-of-the-art materials, perpetually pushing the limits of reality.

Our partners are dedicated to the quest for ultimate excellence, along the border of high design and high tech. These two worlds are intimately linked, they grow stronger through a beautiful symbiosis.