The Brand

beginning of a lineage


In the beginning

The word EMERA came to me one day in a flash. 

EMERA is the result of the collaboration and hard work of two watchmaking professionals. Two ultra-passionate individuals – a visionary designer, and a genius watchmaker.

« I wanted to know its meaning. I was astonished when I discovered its meaning – dawn in Greek Antiquity. »

Patrick Freiburghaus

The beginning

A meeting started it all, the desire to build a project around a common and limitless passion which was fine watchmaking.

From a friendship, the EMERA brand was born. The obvious desire was to start a new path off the beaten track. We are explorers in search of new horizons and to elicit ever more intense emotions.

« As a true lover of the world of luxury and brands, I always knew that one day I would offer my unique vision to the world. I wanted something exceptional, something that suited me perfectly. »

Patrick Freiburghaus

Straight from
the future


EMERA is the synthesis and the result of years of intense work dedicated to a single goal – creating something unique.

The form is the first thing we perceive in any creation; in a fraction of a second it gives us a feeling. EMERA is a brand on a quest for new aesthetic frontiers. Art and creation are the DNA of the brand. Nature, performance, and humanity are the essence of creativity, the foundation of everything.

Our exceptional timepieces are strongly turned towards the future. The extraordinary shape with aerodynamic forms suggest visions of a hyper car.


Genesis of a trajectory

Patrick Freiburghaus studied art at two prestigious Swiss art schools and then completed his studies as a jeweler and stone setter in La Chaux-de-Fonds. 

He then began his training as a watch designer in a Private Label company in Bienne. 

Throughout his career, he has collaborated with the biggest names in the luxury and watchmaking sector. In 2008 he founded the Swiss design studio BUREAU MIAMI and works as an independent designer.

The perfect alchemy,
additional watchmaking genius

Cyrano Devanthey has more than 30 years of experience in the watchmaking world. He is the co-founder of a swiss watchmaking development office and has collaborated with prestigious brands since its beginning.

In charge of Omega’s tourbillon department for 5 years, he also helped create «Naissance d’une montre 2», by Greubel-Forsey under the supervision of Philippe Dufour.
« Based on experience and conviction, we have brought together the most gifted of our generation, to create the watchmaking of tomorrow. We have given ourselves a mission – to make you dream. »
Cyrano Devanthey


A subtle balance between tradition and modernity

Mina is a definite example of relationship management. She has acquired this expertise during her 19 years of professional experience in the world of palaces and the most trendy places on the planet.

Coming from a family with a long tradition in the business field, it is natural that she turned to what she appreciates the most: human contact and luxury. She works as a Public Relations Officer at EMERA to enhance the brand’s customer relations.

From the world of luxury to international press relations

With more than 20 years of professional experience, Asma has been running her press and public relations agency for 15 years. Her strength lies in her perfect knowledge of the media and the international press. Over the years, she has built strong relationships in tourism, fashion, beauty, gastronomy, and industry. Successful brands and top institutions have trusted her expertise. She joins EMERA as a marketing and public relations officer for the Middle East and the African continent to enhance the communication of the Brand.

A clear path to the world of beauty and luxury​

Aïna was attracted to the professions dedicated to visual and communication when she was very young. With a passion for marketing and a strong desire to follow her own path, she decided to orient herself more and more toward luxury and art. She wishes to put her refined observation skills at the service of the brand to enchant social networks.