Points of sale

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Points of sale

Against the current, EMERA wishes to develop and maintain a close link with its distribution network. Contact with watchmaking professionals, and a keen eye on the market, is vital for the precise understanding of our customers’ needs.

If our quest for the future were to remain our obsession – and artificial intelligence took a stronger hold of our civilization – nevertheless, the human being forever resides in the heart of our concern.

If you want to be a part of the EMERA galaxy, to represent our timepieces and our brand, we offer you the opportunity to step into the future with augmented reality.

Innovatively presenting our products is yet another layer in our creative process. Offer your customers a unique and immersive experience at the cutting edge of technology.

We accompany you in acquiring the necessary tools for a totally immersive marketing strategy; you will deliver an unmissable experience to your customers.