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A godmother of heart

From the Kingdom of Morocco, Ghizlan El Glaoui is the great-granddaughter of Thami El Glaoui, Pascha of Marrakech, for whom Cartier’s famous Pasha watch was specially designed.

Daughter of the world-renowned painter Hassan El Glaoui, she is a pianist and fine artist who propels the family artistic lineage. Mother of four children – and a worthy heiress of a royal family – she is a charismatic and whole woman, ever outspoken for the rights of women.

She has a very special place within EMERA. Thanks to her wise eye, that of a distinguished artist at the international level, she gives us the immense honor and privilege to be our godmother of heart. 

Her benevolent commitment to EMERA’s success is more than just a delight.

Our ambassadors,

Elite athletes, musicians and visionaries are our superheroes because of their devotion to surpassing themselves. We attach great importance to the inspiration that these extraordinary personalities give us. They create the universe of tomorrow by pushing the limits of their creativity.

Frédéric Simonin

Starred chef of French haute cuisine, haloed with stars, a pure esthete with raw talent.

Frédéric Simonin is among the greatest chefs of his generation. A virtuoso of flavors who has won countless awards, including the prestigious recognition of Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2018 (Best Craftsman of France 2018). Over the years he has forged his sublime art with legends of gastronomy.

EMERA and art


Immersion in art – in its myriad forms – is a key identity marker of luxury. Our collaborations are a way to transcend borders and find new inspiration. 

Embark with our artists to unexplored territories to enrich your experience within EMERA.


Art and Human beings are at the center of everything

Keya is a humanist artist whose talent has been revealed through his many travels and encounters around the world. Sensitive to what surrounds him, his work is an ode to humanity. From a young age, he strove for self-discovery with art as his main path. He developed an inspirational style that led him to develop his own visual language.

Emera is proud to collaborate with this aesthete who will take us into another artistic dimension.